At Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd, We Take Immense Pride in Being a Leading Provider of Top-Notch Polyester Wire Enamels. With Our Unwavering Commitment to Excellence, We Offer a Comprehensive Range of Products That Elevate the Performance and Reliability of Your Wiring Projects.

Product Base Properties Recommended for wire size (mm dia) Class of Wire Cut through for 2 min at °C Heat Shock at 180°C/30 min Tandelta Bent Point °C Links
Bawa 216 Polyester High cut through and high processing speed 0.05-1.0 130 280 6d 100-115 TDS
Bawa 231 THEIC Modified Polyester High speed enamelling machines up to 200 VD with excellent heat shock & electrical properties 0.05-1.0 130 300 4d 135-155 TDS
Bawa 502 Polyester High processing speed and reddish golden coloured wire 0.05-5.0 130 280 6d 100-115 TDS
Bawa 301 Modified Polyester Enamel for thicker gauges with better heat shock 0.05-5.0 130 280 4d 100-115 TDS
Bawa 227 Modified Polyester High processing speed, High peel value 0.2-5.0 130 240 5d 100-115 TDS
Bawa 303 Modified Polyester Excellent heat shock 0.05-5.0 155 300 2d 145-165 TDS
Bawa 275 THEIC Modified Polyester High processing speed, high cut through and heat shock 0.05-5.0 155 320 2d 155-170 TDS
Bawa 235 THEIC Modified Polyester High processing speed, high cut through and heat shock 0.05-5.0 155 340 2d 120-130 TDS

Key Features of Polyester Coatings:

Superior Electrical Insulation: Polyester Coatings Provide Excellent Electrical Insulation, Ensuring Optimal Performance and Safety in Various Applications.

Thermal Stability: Polyester Coatings Exhibit Remarkable Heat Resistance, Making Them Suitable for High-Temperature Environments.

Chemical Resistance: Polyester Coatings Offer Strong Protection Against Chemicals, Safeguarding the Coated Surface From Corrosion and Degradation.

Mechanical Protection: Polyester Coatings Provide Robust Defense Against Abrasion, Impact, and Wear, Extending the Lifespan of the Substrate.

Versatile Application: Polyester Coatings Can Be Applied to a Wide Range of Substrates, Serving Diverse Industries Such as Automotive, Electronics, and Architecture.

UV Resistance: Polyester Coatings Resist Uv Radiation, Preventing Color Fading and Maintaining the Aesthetic Appeal of the Coated Surface.

Easy Application: Polyester Coatings Can Be Applied Smoothly Using Various Methods, Ensuring Even Coverage on Complex Shapes.

Wide Color Range: Polyester Coatings Offer a Broad Spectrum of Colors and Finishes, Allowing For Customizable Aesthetics and Design Options.

Polyester Coatings Are a Popular Choice Due to Their Exceptional Electrical Insulation, Thermal Stability, Chemical Resistance, Mechanical Protection, Versatility, Uv Resistance, Ease of Application, and Wide Color Range. These Features Make Them a Reliable Solution for a Multitude of Industrial and Commercial Coating Needs

Industries We Serve:

  • - Electrical and Electronics
  • - Automotive
  • - Aerospace
  • - Renewable Energy
  • - Industrial Manufacturing

Why Choose Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd. for Polyester Coatings?

Extensive Expertise: With Years of Experience in the Industry, Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd. Has Developed a Deep Understanding of Polyester Coatings, Ensuring High-Quality Products and Reliable Solutions.

Superior Product Quality: We Are Committed to Delivering Polyester Coatings of Exceptional Quality, Meeting Stringent Industry Standards, and Exceeding Customer Expectations.

Customized Solutions: We Understand That Every Project Has Unique Requirements. Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd. Offers Personalized Solutions, Tailoring Our Polyester Coatings to Meet Your Specific Needs and Application Demands.

Stringent Quality Control: Our Rigorous Quality Control Measures Ensure That Each Batch of Polyester Coatings Undergoes Thorough Testing, Guaranteeing Consistent Quality and Performance.

Timely Delivery: At Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd., We Value Your Time. We Strive to Ensure Prompt Delivery of Your Polyester Coatings, Enabling You to Meet Your Project Timelines Without Delays.

Exceptional Customer Service: We Prioritize Customer Satisfaction and Provide Excellent Customer Service Throughout Your Engagement With Us. Our Dedicated Team Is Ready to Assist You and Address Any Inquiries or Concerns You May Have.

Sustainable Practices: Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd. Is Committed to Sustainability. We Employ Environmentally Friendly Practices in Our Manufacturing Processes, Reducing Our Ecological Footprint.

Competitive Pricing: We Offer Competitive Pricing for Our Polyester Coatings, Providing Excellent Value for Your Investment Without Compromising on Quality.

Long-Term Partnership: By Choosing Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd., You Gain a Reliable and Long-Term Partner in the Field of Polyester Coatings. We Are Dedicated to Building Lasting Relationships With Our Customers, Supporting Their Success in the Industry.

Choose Harman Bawa Pvt. Ltd. For Polyester Coatings and Experience the Difference Our Expertise, Quality, Customization, and Customer-Centric Approach Can Make For Your Projects.

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