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Who We Are

The company was incorporated on 19th April 1988, with an aim to provide good quality varnish at affordable rates.

We are registered with the registrar of companies - Registration Certificate No. 31394.

Our objectives towards our clients:

  • A – Affordability
  • C – Customisability
  • Q – Quality


Experience Working

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Our Products

Wire Enamels

Wire enamels are a type of insulation coating that is applied to the surface of wires and cables to protect them from heat, moisture, and other environmental factors. They are commonly used for enameled copper wire, copper winding wires, cloisonne wire, enamel coated wire, and super enamel copper wire.

Insulating Varnishes

Insulating varnishes are a type of coating used to protect and insulate electrical components and equipment. They are mostly used for wood varnish, varnish paint, varnish spray, electrical insulating, polyurethane varnish, water based varnish, best varnish for acrylic painting on canvas, clear varnish for wood, synthetic varnish, resin varnish, etc.

Why Choose us

Quality Assurance

Ensuring product and customer service meet required standards.


Ability to tailor to specific needs or preferences.

Affordable Systems

Cost-effective solutions for accessible usage.

Client Side Servicing

We provide professionals who are experts at running our products through felt machines.

B2B Clients
Well Qualified Staff